by Bradley Walker and Doug Moon

A while back Brad and I had some discussion about Bi-Planes for stunt. He got pretty revved up about it and bought an ARF RC bi-plane with symmetrical airfoil.

It is an Ultimate bipe. Very thin wings, low drag.

I am converting it.

I have created a tunnel for the header muffler.



That thing on top of the wing is the rest of the tunnel to keep heat out of the plane. Should the header come loose it will keep oil out of the plane as well. Looks crude but when you mount the wing it is all internal, you can see it and it gets the job done.

The controls will be external so we can mess with it. I am mounting the crank on two tongues.

Making some progress on the Bi-Plane or “2-Winger” as I like to call it.

Here I have the lower wing on tail section completed.


Notice in the following pics the laser cut incidence alignment tools provided with the plane. You mount the cabane struts and the aluminum wing supports to the upper wing. Then slide on the alignment tabs and screw it to the fuse and you are done! Mistake free installation on the first try! Very cool!


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